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Domestic & Commercial Agricultural Contracts

Rodent Control

We provide regular routine visits to to help control and protect from rats and mice.

With increasing pressure on Domestic & Commercial Agricultural to prevent infestation, it is now more cost effective to employ a professional than ever before. Have you ever sat down and worked out the true cost of carrying out your own control?

Cost of bait – rodenticides can be expensive.

Correct bait placement – incorrect bait placement is money wasted

Time – have you ever added up the time taken to place baits?

Paperwork – Commercial Agricultural bunesses have enough record keeping without the burden of baiting records, risk assessments and everything else that is needed to keep auditors happy

We provides our Domestic & Commercial Agricultural Contracts with regular routine visits to fully inspect your premises, and treat any pest infestation found. include any follow up visits that might be necessary, call outs between routine visits . At the end of each visit, you will be presented with a comprehensive report detailing the actions taken and recommendations. In addition, site folders include

Contact information

Visit Summary

Previous reports

Safety information

Site Plans

All work guaranteed